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Attention Webmaster or Webmistress:

If you don't already Know, (it is kind of a secret though), one of the 3 key factors for 

indexing and placement on search engines is link popularity.

 Link popularity is how many other web sites, example, w*w.yoursite.c*m,

has a link on there site linking to your site. 


Adding doorway pages after your domain name,

example w*w.yoursite.c*m/doorwaypage001.htm, and linking them to each other and 

then to your index page does not work for this.

That  does not trick the search engines into thinking your link popularity is a high number.

They are just looking at how many individual domains have your link on them linking them

to your page.

For example Yahoo has over 50,000,000  individual web sites linking to Yahoo.

So Yahoo's link popularity is 50,000,000. 

example:  If each of the 3 web sites below have 200 different links to your site within them




These 3 websites add up to a link popularity number for your site of  3

Even if the above 3 websites have 200 links a piece linking to Your site within their websites,

link popularity is still only 3.


If You would like to increase your link popularity and get more traffic:

1) Create a links page that will be within your domain, example: w*w.mydomain.c*m/links.htm 

2) be sure your links page links from and to your index -a.k.a.- your home page

3) be sure you can reach your links page from your index or home page with a link.

(The search engine spiders and robots start at your index page then search for links from there)  

4) Copy and paste my code/link below (inside the red box) into your links page,

 test to make sure it works.

5) to copy and paste the source code or html code: using internet explorer, Click on view, 

then click on Source

6) Once your links page is up with my link working correctly on it, email me at


 With:   The exact address or page where I can find my new permanent link.

With:  Your link and small description, approximately 3 to 6 lines, that you want me to 

add to my site 

7)  After Verifying my new link I will add yours To my site and reply to your email with the

Address at my site where you can find your link.


8) If you have 10 individual web sites and could put my 1 link below on all of them

I could put 1 link of yours on all ten listed below.


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